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Despicable Them

How is it that so many "big business" types are SO bad with numbers? I honestly thought I had heard all the good reasons for not hiring Romney but this week a new one has emerged -

Business people apparently have no clue how money works.

The most obvious example this week is "Big Poppa" John. A month ago, health care was too expensive to provide to Papa John's Employees. This week, it can be had for only 20¢ per pizza apparently. And while most intelligent people who had made the comment "The good news is, we're all going to have health care" would simply pass this on by raising prices, content in the knowledge that this country will get healthier - Big Poppa's thoughts appear to be "20¢ per person, that I don't even have to pay, just so my indentured servants can be healthy enough to work? -


What a grade A asshole. And if only he were the only one.

Take the coal company that fired 56 and explicitly stated the reason was Obama's re-election,

or the Vegas employer who fired 22 of 114, citing the same reason,

or the Georgia employer who fired 2 full-timers to get under Obamacare's 50 employee limit, and cut hours for the remaining part-timers.

Well I've got news for the "Party of personal responsibilty" - you can either run a business, or you can't. Stop blaming Obamacare for your inability to run a profitable business. If health insurance is too expensive, and someone comes along and presents you with a simple way to make it affordable - so simple in fact that you know exactly what you would have to do to your prices to afford it - and your response is "oh yeah - well FUCK YOU, IMMA BURN THIS HOUSE TO THE GROUND BEFORE I LET MY PEOPLE HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE", then you are not a businessman, you are a petulant child.

We have listened for 4 years about how we "47 percenters" just want government to give us stuff. Well I say to you now - you are no better. In fact, you are far worse. You not only want government to give you stuff (like the right to keep your employees below your boot, and apparently unhealthy) but until now, you've been willing to hold people's lives and livelyhoods hostage. I say "until now" because what has happened now? You've decided it's ok to shoot the hostage.

You make me sick and you should be ashamed.

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