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Ultraviolet - The Gift That's Already Stopped Giving

Another day, another blockbuster, another Ultraviolet post. We've once again passed a widely observed gift-giving holiday and I've been given a movie that I'd very much like to own, but Ultraviolet is once again making it difficult. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel - it seems our complaints are paying off:







Ruh Roh!

Yes, it seems SO many people are complaining about Ultraviolet misusing the term "digital copy" after they get home and realize they've been duped that they've been forced by the market to take on the scarlet letters proclaming the absence of an "iTunes file". Not only is this an overall positive for the consumer (we know which movies to avoid) but it's actually actively promoting the competing format! Find my translation below:

"Please don't buy this disc, it doesn't have the format you want, you should really goto iTunes instead. Or really, find a movie studio that isn't trying to be douchey about it since many others that aren't us (Warner Brothers) actually inclue both ultraviolet and real digital copies and let you decide. Wouldn't you prefer a movie from one of them?"

The fight continues.

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