A Single Ray of Ultraviolet Sunlight
Thursday, September 20, 2012 at 10:47AM
Jeremy Handel in Ultraviolet, cabin in the woods, movies

In a case of "buyer beware", about a month ago, I pre-ordered "The Cabin In The Woods". Take a look at this cover art and tell me what you see (or rather, what you DON'T see):

What I DON'T see is any mention of Ultraviolet. So you can imagine my white hot burning rage surprise when I opened the box from Amazon earlier this week to be greeted with the following:

However, as the title implies, there is a single ray of light here which I discovered when reading the fine print. It turns out that this particular Blu-Ray ships with a code that is good for EITHER Ultraviolet or a real, actual, non-shitty, legitimate Digital Copy via iTunes. If we must be plagued with Ultraviolet, this seems to me to be the best solution. Package up the options, and let them compete on their merits (of which Ultraviolet has none).

PS, if you haven't seen The Cabin in the Woods, you should. it's terrific.

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