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Ultraviolet Strikes Again

These things make me unreasonably angry. All I want is to buy my content and then watch it. It's really not a hard concept. In many ways, I am the ideal movies consumer. I am purchase ready, I'm willing to spend money, and I'm an early technology adopter and an enthusiest who can easily be swayed by sepcial features. So one has to ask - why make it harder for me to want to give you my money?

Over the summer, my wife and I saw Rock of Ages. Is it going to win oscars? Of course not. It was harmless fun. I knew immediately that this would be a purchase once it was available. I downloaded the soundtrack literally in the car on the way home (from iTunes of course). So today, I decided to check my trusty Amazon to see when I could expect the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy version to be available.

The Horror.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the worst has happened (#firstworldproblems and all that):


So my only option come October is to simply buy the digital copy from iTunes and call it a day (assuming they even offer it there). If anyone from Ultra-Violet is listening (HA!) or cares (double HA!), your marketing efforts and product choices are actively pushing me away from buying your discs. You have managed to take someone who literally purchased the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy 3 separate times (DVD, DVD Extended and Blur-Ray Extended), the movie Serenity 3 separate times (DVD, HD DVD and Blu-Ray), the entire series of Farscape twice (Starburst DVD and Blu-Ray) and turned me into somone who won't even buy your discs ONCE so I can avoid supporting your misguided "Look at us, we can do iTunes too!" peice of shit also-ran.

 So… Congrats?

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