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Eye for an eye is alive and well.

So here's something I just have to get off my chest.

As a country, we're being sold another war, ostensibly on the backs of humanitarian impulses to save lives. Then, just a day or so ago, a horrible person inflicted on himself a pretty horrible death here in Cleveland shortly after being found guilty of performing some pretty horrible acts.

Happy Jewish new year everyone!

The most resounding comment I've been reading from people on social media is essentially:

"You know, I'm glad he's dead, but boy I wish he could have suffered more." 

Now look, I'm a dad so I'm not saying I don't understand the sentiment. This guy kidnapped and raped 3 young girls and was an overall piece of human filth. But what the fuck is wrong with you people that you desire MORE pain in the world. And yes, most of you I'm talking about are celebrating a new year and probably asking to be inscribed in the book of life next week. I'm sure your god is really proud of you for wishing this guy could have been hurt juuuuust a bit more before taking the coward's way out (how many points is that worth in 'book of life' terms anyway?).

So WTF does this have to do with Syria? Well I say fuck Syria. We have enough damn problems over here, and too little money to handle them - stop throwing missiles that cost $1.4 million a pop at people somewhere else. We did that already this decade and it turned out way worse for just about everyone involved. I like Obama in general. I voted for him twice but if we let him take us into another war right now he's no better than Bush and Bush (along with essentially everything he did and stood for) is hands down, no bullshit, republicans go fuck yourself the worst thing to happen to American in 100 years.

The Jewish position (at least as I learned and understood it growing up) is that it's imperative for the strong to stand up for the weak in times like this, and I'm sure everyone understands why (hint, it happened in the 40s). But to do so, you need to actually BE strong, I would contend both physically (militarily) and ethically (read: morally or spiritually if that's your bent). Sure, we have the bombs and that's fine. But when we're actively wishing pain on ANYONE, convicted shithead notwithstanding, I would argue that we're not in any position to be exercising the strength we have.

Time for a nationwide time out America. Until we can stop hurting, raping and killing each other and ourselves (and/or cheering for that same death, but only with a heaping helping of suffereing), we are on time out from killing other people.

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