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Fuck Tolerance

You read that right. Not IN-tolerance, (although that can fuck right off too). I'm sick of people preaching tolerance like it's a good thing or worse, something to aspire to.

Tolerance is not a good thing.

Tolerance is the absolute minimum state within which ANY sort of reasoned discourse can take place, but it is not a goal in and of itself. When you tolerate something, what's more important is that you are NOT accepting it. You are saying, in essence, I wish this thing wasn't, but in the interest of not sounding like an asshole, I'll bite my tongue. Well I'm here to sound like an asshole for you.

There are things in the world that should be accepted and there are things that should not. The problem with tolerance, is that it takes things from the former, and things from the latter and lumps them together in some nebulous middle ground. 

"Don't be so tolerant that you tolerate intolerance" - Bill Maher

By way of example, let's take Prop 8, recently declared unconstitutional by the 9th circuit court and on it's way to the Supreme Court (don't drop the ball, SCOTUS).  You may think Prop 8 exists because of intolerance, but it does not. It exists because of tolerance. Intelligent, progressive voices were drowned out because we continue to tolerate the imposition of religious indoctrination into our law writing process. Without tolerance, this ridiculous intolerance would have been laughed out of the room.

A similar situation exists in the dust up over catholics not wanting to provide for the common welfare of their employees. They would like us to frame the conversation as one of religious liberty but it's not. We've tolerated that bullshit for too long. If you believe that any employer who operates within the united states should have the right to deny medical coverage of any type based on their religious beliefs you are wrong, and on the wrong side of history.

What we don't want from any of you is tolerance. We want acceptance. If you can't manage that, then shut the fuck up and get out of our way. 

Tolerance gives us "civil unions" and implies that gay people are incapable of loving as truly and deeply as us "normal" people. (You know, like Newt Gingritch.)

Tolerance tries to convince people that denying birth control on religious grounds is somehow an acceptable state of affairs almost 50 years after Griswold v. Connecticut.

Tolerance leads to imagined "neutrality policies" that cause teen suicide.

I'm done with tolerance. It's the 21st century and It's time to come to our collective senses. Leave the ideas of the dark ages where they belong: in the history books, where we can read about them to remind us what it was like before humanity came to it's senses. These points of view do not deserve tolerance, they deserve ridicule. When you preach "tolerance" of outdated, hateful bullshit, you are just giving them the out they need to "tolerate" us right back.

And that is downright intolerable.