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Mortality in the age of Facebook

I wasn't really sure where to vent about this but I'm gonna do it here. We begin with an image.

Now unless you are a family member or close friend of mine, you probably don't know why this image is so distastful so I'll explain it.

Candy Crush Saga is the "hot shit" social monetization addiction right now. Lots of people are playing it and one of it's key features is being linked to your Facebook account so that you can help your friends out and in return ask for help. Once you've done this, it takes it upon itself to make these requests on your behalf sometimes and that is what is happening here. I know this because unless the universe works very differently than I'm prepared to believe, Cori couldn't have asked me for another life.

I know this because she passed away more than 6 months ago.

When I saw this, there was a definite twinge of memory, as well as a certain ironic humor (ah yes Candy Crush, I would if I could). But it got me pondering the typical "life, the universe and everything" of it all. There was a definite happiness seeing Cori's smile again, from a time when she was clearly happier than she was over the last year or so. Chalk that up to positivity. But it also reminded me that who we are in the digital world is spread across so many systems and databases that it's almost impossible for there to be a difinitive break in the reality of a person's life. Some system somewhere is probably still billing Cori for some service she signed up for in life. Another several (or more likely several hundred) are probably still trying to sell her something: "We've noticed you haven't visited lately! Why not treat yourself to this revitalizing hand cream that will make you feel ALIVE!"

The strangest part is that I wouldn't even know who to contact about something like this. "Dear Candy Crush, please stop sending me messages from dead people?" With so many automated systems constantly working and aggragating, I'm not even sure that there ever can be a way to definitively declare someone as "no longer among the living" so I guess it's just tilting at windmills.

But whatever the answer is, I guess I'll just have to live with the mixture of happy and sad that greets me everytime this message pops up. I'm still not sure if I shold check it off or not.