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Veronica Mars and Flixter/Ultraviolet - A Match Made in Hell

Man I just hate being disappointed in new media. Yet every time I put my hope into something, I'm consistently let down.

About a year ago, the Veronica Mars movie made headlines for breaking Kickstarter records and promising to be one of the first movies of a new generation of hollywood. Funded by fans, and going with an innovative launch across theaters, Blu-Ray and digital download, the movie was blazing a new trail. And I backed it, partly because I like what it was trying to do, but also because I loved the series and I wanted to see it continue.

And now I'm wishing I hadn't.

Unless you're totally new to my writing, you must know how much I hate ultraviolet. It takes a system that works great (iTunes) and arbitrarily changes things around just to be different. It's total crap and unfortunately, it's the only way for me to get the "digital copy" I paid for. (that's in quotes because it it won't play on my AppleTV, it's not a "digital version" or a "digital copy" or anything other than garbage.)

I still have a blu-ray coming so I will get an actual copy of the movie eventually (unlike those who backed at the digital-only level, sorry folks), but I make it a point to support the things that I want. I vote with my wallet and my wallet stood up to be counted in the "same day digital delivery" camp. When possible, I go out of my way to NOT give money to the ultraviolet/flixter people, it's the only way to keep it from growing. This means that if a movie I want has a "multi-pack" that only includes a digital "version" for flixter, I instead forego that purchase (including all the other value added) and purchase it via iTunes. Because I care about the quality of these things and "shitty" is not something I support financially. 

And that's why this is frustrating. Without my knowledge, my vote was counted in the "pro-flixter camp" and that's just simply not OK.

It's up to the Veronica Mars movie folks at this point to step up and fulfill what they said they would and I haven't comnpletely abandoned faith that they will eventually. But you'd think these supposed "media masters" would eventually realize that angering your fan base, then eventually doing the right thing will never be as good as just doing what you say the first time.