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On Taxing Job Creators

Someone clear this up for me. When Boehner says stuff like "Raising taxes on wealthy Americans makes them less likely to create the jobs we all want", what the actual fuck is he talking about? Go on this walk with me.

Some things I think are true (but willing to be corrected on)- 

  • Money I made last year, and stuck in the bank, is already taxed and won't be taxed again
  • Revenue that my business makes in a year, less my deductible expenses, is my income
  • When you spend more money on things like payroll, the total amount of money being taxed (income or profit) neccessarily goes down

So based on this, when republicans say things like the above, they can't really mean, "I have less money with which to hire in a given year" because how much their income is taxed after the end of the year is completely unrelated to how much money the business has for hiring. What they are saying is, after I've hired everyone I plan too, I simply want to bank 1.8 million not 1.6 million dollars.


So can we stop pretending that personal tax rates have any effect whatsoever on hiring decisions.