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A note on time and attention

One of the hardest things about being a small business owner is getting over the whole "whatever I'm doing right now isn't as important as the other 10 things I should also be doing right now" impulse. I have lots of individual taks to perform. Quotes to write up, emails to send, books to balance, proposals to revise, deals to wheel, etc. Whenever I start doing one of these tasks, the other 27 of them start to crawl into my mindbrain and try to convince me to work on them instead.

For the parents in the audience, it's very comparable to having multiple kids. Every one of these tasks holds a singular place in my mind. Every one of them is 100% convinced it's either the most important thing in the world, or the only thing in the world. And every one of them is THE LOUDEST voice in my head... until of course, I switch what I'm working on, and then it becomes content and quiet and all the others take over and the process repeats.

Getting a handle on this process is probably the most important lesson one can learn if you expect to be successful as "the head honcho".

I'll let you know if I ever do so.